New Orleans Wedding | a Z Event Company production

A New Orleans Wedding:

As wedding planners in a city as unique as New Orleans, Z Event Company strives to make each event one of a kind and personal for our clients. We often take our cue from our clients, zeroing in on something special to them, then making that a feature at their party. This May, our engaged couple were married at Trinity Episcopal Church, then made their way down to the reception at the famous Brennan’s on Royal Street. As their guests entered the Royal dining room, they were astounded to find the room transformed into a high-end champagne lounge, complete with linen tufted sofas to relax on and marble end tables to sit your flute. But the object that captured all attention was the frosty and glimmering champagne ice bar. The large bar was constructed from ice, with the monogram of the couple carved into the front, then lit with LED lights to highlight their initials. As your eye continued up, two stair-like tiers of ice wound their way down to the ends of the bar, where carved out holes  held the bottles of champagne. It was a spectacular sight: six of the finest  varieties of bubbly to sip, an icy table that warms the heart, and an amazing room in which to mingle with family and friends. But certainly, the icing on the cake was the sight of the lovely bride and her handsome groom enjoying a first toast their reception.

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