Brides Reveal The Most Useful Wedding Gift They Received

If your friend, sister, brother, coworker, etc. isn’t using a registry, wedding gift giving can be a headache. You love them, but the thought of gifting them something they won’t ever use or might not like is stressing you out. With more couples than ever living together before marriage, getting them something they already own or don’t need isn’t unlikely. We at Z Event Co. love when our couples are happy before and after the wedding, so we wanted to know the most practical yet unique presents they’ll enjoy for a long time after they say “I Do.” We asked women, ages 24-66, to share the best wedding gift they received. Their answers ranged from huge splurges to budget-friendly, but the thought behind each present is priceless.

“A beautiful gold necklace from my parents. My parents don’t have much, so when I saw it, it was a big, tearful surprise. I resisted the gift at first, but it means so much to me that I’ll have a handmade piece of jewelry that I can pass down to my own daughter or daughter-in-law one day.”

– Shay, 32

Cash is one of the best wedding gifts ever! It’s awkward to ask for cash straight-up, but any amount can help a young couple out tremendously, and we were able to start our lives without too much debt.

– Sel, 25

We got gifted a year-long Netflix subscription from a coworker/friend! We were using her Netflix before that, so I think it was as much a gift to herself than us. I think about her every time we start marathoning new show…which is a lot.

– Alena, 29

An ENO Hammock that fits 2. We knew we would be outdoors a lot during our honeymoon, but we didn’t think to have a hammock with us until my friend gifted us one. She actually gave it to me a couple days before the wedding so I knew to pack it. So nice!

– Geena, 24

I’ve been married for 18 years, and we still use the same nice glass Pyrex containers for cooking and storage from my mother’s best friend. It was a set of 14 and about 9 pieces have survived several moves and kids, so that would definitely be one of the most practical gift we received that day.

– Katlin, 39

It wasn’t my first marriage, but it is the one I’m happiest in. That’s why the most useful gift I’ve ever received was a commissioned painting of us two from his daughter. We have it hanging up in the living room where we can see it every day.

– Sandy, 66

A great wedding gift will help the couple through their new journey and all of the change that comes with it. We hope this list could help inspire you when thinking of the most useful, unexpected wedding gift to celebrate the new couple in your life.

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