Engagement Season is here!

Labor Day Weekend has passed, which sadly means that summer has come to an end. Don’t get downhearted just yet, because the Holiday season is right around the corner, or should I say “engagement season!” So ladies, here is your excuse to break out the champagne and wedding magazines. It’s time to start planning 🙂

Around this time of year, a phrase almost as popular as “Happy Holidays” is “Will you marry me?” Over 40% of couples get engaged in the months of November, December and January… It’s not called “engagement season” for nothing!

Once the question has been popped and your family and friends have been informed of the good news, the next step is to start the planning. For many people, the idea of planning a wedding (and everything that goes along with it) is a very daunting task, but we at Z Event Company are here to help!

I can’t read minds, but I have been in the business for a while 😉 and I can almost bet that you’re thinking, “What do I do next?” Lucky for you, we have answers! For some great tips on what you should do first after the question has been popped, please click and read our blog, “What To Do After Your Engagement?!

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