Under the Chuppah: a New Orleans courtyard wedding

The second line

Under the chuppah for a New Orleans courtyard wedding at Brennan’s, the wedding ceremony was brought to a close. With the stomping of the glass, an ever jubilant “Mazel Tov” arose from the crowd, but then the unexpected occurred – horns began playing, guests looked around in confusion, and our “second line” began twisting and parading into the courtyard. Since this was a destination wedding, most of the guests were newcomers to this tradition. And needless to say, some direction was needed! The Brennan’s staff handed out hankies for the guests as well as “go cups” filled with the Bride and Groom’s favorite New Orleans cocktails. In no time at all, everyone had joined in the line and was outside singing, dancing, and parading through Jackson Square celebrating the new couple!

New Orleans courtyard “flip”

While the guests were moving and grooving in the streets of The French Quarter, we completely flipped the New Orleans courtyard and transformed it from ceremony to reception, décor and all. Upon their return, all anyone could talk about was how that was “the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding!”… and the reception hadn’t even begun! It’s those little things that make me appreciate what we New Orleanians live and see every day.

Reception time!

When the band came on stage, there was hardly a person to be found in their chair. Guests were dancing all night and even requested an encore. We wanted to treat everyone to one last surprise, so what could be better than a Banana’s Foster presentation? Well, let me tell you! The Groom had let it slip that his father had worked in the culinary industry and was quite adept at the Banana’s Foster performance. And that’s

when the light bulb went off! As the staff rolled out the cart filled with ingredients for the dessert, all were filled with anticipation and surprise. That was when the Groom announced that he would be honored to have his father flambé the bananas, and that smile spread ear to ear on his dad’s face. The presentation went off without a hitch; everyone cheered, grabbed a Banana’s Foster, and continued the celebration out in the streets of New Orleans…Mazel Tov!

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