New Orleans Debutante Party: “Breakfast at Brennan’s” | a Z Event Company production

When throwing a themed party, people often struggle with the question of balance: yikes, have we gone overboard here or have we not done enough to bring our party to life! At Z Event Company, we like to keep it chic and sophisticated and let the theme shine through.
Imagine this: The historic and newly reopened Brennan’s Restaurant in the French Quarter, debutantes strolling through the courtyard, hair pulled back in up-dos, sparkling tiaras nestled atop their heads, long black gloves, creamy pearl necklaces, and all eleven girls in their little black dresses. From the Hepburn-esce props in the Photo Booth to the delicious desserts and menu cards on the buffet tables, the Holly Go Lightly character was most definitely present this afternoon. Have you guessed it yet??? Yes!  “Breakfast at (Tiffany’s) Brennan’s” was our inspiration, chic and sophisticated, and where the girls were not only the honorees, but also, a walking nod to the theme!

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