Top 6 Reasons to Have a New Orleans Destination Wedding

It’s no surprise that New Orleans destination weddings rank in the top 2 most popular places to get married! From the historic buildings, to the delicious cuisine, to the wild and crazy nightlife, New Orleans has it all! Being born and raised in such a wonderful city, I feel the need to spread some New Orleans love and share why it truly is the best place for a wedding:


The New Orleans atmosphere can be best described, I personally think, as a melting pot of an environment. From the party vibes on Bourbon Street, to the relaxed elegance of Royal Street, to the beautiful greenery of City Park, we have it all! Every bride is guaranteed to find that special ambiance that she has envisioned for her big day.




Music & “second lining”

Being the birthplace of jazz, music is at the heart of New Orleans and is pulsating everywhere! There are live shows every night across the city and live music every day…just stroll around the French Quarter and you’ll be sure to come across a few street musicians playing their sweet melodies for passerby’s.

One of my personal favorite “New Orleans” things to do at weddings here is to have a second line! For those who are unfamiliar, let me explain: a second line is when a brass band parades down the street playing music, while guests follow behind dancing, singing and twirling their handkerchiefs or umbrellas in the air. This has become “the quintessential New Orleans art form,” and if you have not yet had a chance to be in one, I highly recommend it 🙂





YUM! One word everyone can agree on when describing New Orleans food! Although we are best known for our seafood and creole cooking, New Orleans cuisine can be best described, once again, as a melting pot of flavor. Louisiana creole cooking blends French, Spanish, West African, Caribbean, Amerindian and Portuguese influences, as well as general southern cuisine. Whether you like it spicy or mild, there is something here to please everyone’s pallet.


Another great part about New Orleans…your party doesn’t have to stop! After your reception ends, you and your guests can wander through the French Quarter in search of your next party spot. Whether it is a blues bar on Frenchman Street, a hopping dance club on Bourbon Street, or a wild karaoke bar somewhere in between, there is always somewhere to go next in this city.


New Orleans has so many venues to choose from, each with their own charm and unique characteristics. From the traditional New Orleans exposed brick buildings, to the quaint French Quarter courtyards, to the beautiful outdoor backdrop of one of our parks, every bride is sure to find a venue that fits her vision.

Centrally located

Getting guests to travel for a wedding can be hard, but when the final destination is New Orleans, that should make it a lot easier! Not only is New Orleans centrally located, but it’s probably on most people’s “places to visit” list…due to its celebrated reputation, so “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

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