New Orleans Wedding Planner Fee Explained

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Should I hire a New Orleans wedding planner? But they’re just so expensive” It’s time to stop fretting, because that isn’t true! The answer to that question is simple: you bet your white-dress-wearing booty you should!

Most couples shy away from hiring a wedding planner mainly because of the presumed expense it would cost. We are here to lay that assumption to rest! At Z Event Company, we earn our planner’s fee from the negotiations and special pricing that we have worked out with our vendors. Say for example, a bride was to book vendors on her own. She wouldn’t get any special discounts because there is no working relationship established yet. If that bride were to hire Z Event Company, the money we save our brides from our special rates goes straight towards the planner’s fee….and you, the bride, get the best New Orleans wedding planner out there!

By hiring us, you aren’t required to do all of the tedious legwork behind the bookings and the following up with contracts etc. Yes, brides, you read that right, that is one less thing for your already full plate! While you are the enjoying all of the fun parts of wedding planning like dress shopping, cake tasting and selecting your flowers, we will be your busy-bees behind the scenes calling and coordinating delivery times, managing contracts, handling RSVPs and doing the rest of the dirty work. Don’t let what you’ve heard deter you from hiring a wedding planner, because for around the same price, we can take loads of weight off your shoulders! Not only is that our job, but that is also our goal: for you to be stress-free enjoying this wonderful time in your life while we are making your dream come true.

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