Solutions for an Unbalanced Bridal Party

A bride and several bridesmaids standing outside holding flowers

Standing next to a close friend or family member as they tie the knot is a true honor. You and your groom may have an idea of who you’d like to ask to be by your side, but some couples encounter snags when finalizing their wedding party. Size sometimes matters, as well as an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen! You may want to balance your wedding party based on height to keep everything symmetrical for the photos, and sometimes it is necessary to team up more than one bridesmaid with one groomsman or vice-versa. Fortunately, there are many ways to work around an odd-numbered wedding party.

Do a Recount

If there’s only one extra person, adding another might be the easiest way to even things out. But don’t settle just for the sake of symmetry. You could also trim the roster of anyone you’re asking out of obligation. (Your college roommate across the country? Invite her to the bachelorette party, but spare her the expenses that come with being a bridesmaid.) In Texas, they have a great tradition of an additional group called “the house party”. This group contains special friends or relations that the bride wants to include but does not unbalance the number of girls vs men participating in the wedding. This allows the girls not walking down the aisle to participate in all of the fun “day of” activities.

The Photos

Many couples have concerns that an uneven bridal party will translate to awkward or unbalanced photos. But odd-numbered groups are common, and experienced photographers have strategies to avoid a lopsided look. Some include positioning the party in staggered groups or straying from the traditional poses. Talk to your photographer or wedding planner in advance to discuss some options.

The Procession

With a little creative thinking, you’ll find countless ways to get your party down the aisle. If you decide to book one, your wedding planner can help you find solutions based on the exact number of people in your group. Otherwise, if men outnumber women, the groomsmen—or just the best man—can stand at the altar with the groom as the procession begins. One groomsman can escort the ring bearer and flower girl. If there are more women than men, some or all groomsmen can walk with one bridesmaid on each arm. If all else fails, go single file.

While under so much stress, it’s easy to lose sight of what your wedding is really about: the love you and your partner share. Issues can be solved with some creative thinking, but you can save yourself some stress by working with Z Event Company. We provide luxury event planning and design services with creative, highly personalized solutions to your biggest wedding day dilemmas. Our event planners and event designers can also connect you with every resource you’ll need to plan your dream wedding in your area through our online planning service. Contact us at 504-510-5838 to learn more about creating memories that last a lifetime!

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