Summer Travels Inspire Next Party Theme?

Could something from my summer travels have inspired a theme for my next party?

Did you make it out of the country this summer to some exotic destination, or was a simple trip in the U.S. in order for you and your family? Whichever way you landed we are sure that some fabulous ideas for your next party can be envisioned! Sometimes it is as simple as a restaurant or a particular dish that brings a new idea to mind. Other times it could be the architecture or landscape that inspires you as well. In either case, these are a few great ways to come up with a fresh theme for your next party. Let’s say you have just returned from Italy, it might have been the red checkered table cloths and vino bottle candle holders that make you think of your next table setting. It could have been all of the fresh flowers, fruits and even vineyards to inspire your centerpiece. Lemons and sunflowers would be a great start for this theme and the yellow looks so festive along with a red tablecloth. Don’t forget to put authentic breadsticks and fresh olive oil on the table as well. Think back to some of your favorite experiences and see if you can bring them into your home for your next casual gathering. We know we have been able to do that from the mountains to the sea. We have included a recipe for you this month to get some ideas flowing…

Recipe from Carmines Gourmet Caterers:

Carmines Grilled Primavera Tortellini Salad
Serves 10-12 people

3 lbs Cheese Tortellini
1 Red Pepper cored & cut into medium strips
1 Yellow Pepper  ”         ”
1 Zucchini Trimmed 1/4 in. slice
1 Bunch of Asparagus trimmed & leave whole for grilling cut in 1 1/2 pieces after grilling
2 Heirloom Tomatoes
4 Tablespoons roasted pine nuts
1 Bunch of Basil finely sliced
8oz. Sun dried tomato-pesto sauce
1/4 cup Olive Oil
Ground Pepper to taste
Sea Salt to Taste
1/2 teaspoon your choice hot sauce

Cook pasta Al Dente, rinse with cold water then let cool, cut all veggies (except heirloom tomatoes) and toss with olive oil salt & pepper. Grill veggies 3-5 minutes on each side then set aside with the tortellini, olive oil and pesto sauce.

Roast pine nuts lightly in sauté pan mix with the pasta.
Add diced heirloom tomatoes, pesto, basil and hot sauce. Gently mix and season with sea salt & pepper.
Served this dish chilled.

Buono Appetito!

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