Traveling with a Wedding Dress: 5 Great Tips!

After spending countless hours researching different cuts and styles, going from one bridal boutique to the next, and trying on countless wedding dresses, you have finally found “The One.” For both local brides and destination brides, the task of transporting your dress to and from locations can be tricky, and not something you want to take a chance with. Here are a few tips that will make traveling with a wedding dress foolproof, no matter how you travel:

Tip #1 – Know your dress’ whereabouts at all times! If you are having a destination wedding, I always advise against shipping it to that location, it could get damaged, lost or stolen, yikes! Traveling with your dress is the safest option.

Tip #2 – Always keep your dress protected in a garment bag. Even though this dress is extremely important to you, it is not important to most others handling it. They aren’t thinking twice about checking their hands for dirt and grime before touching it, so keep that dress zipped up in its bag where it belongs!

Tip #3 – If traveling with a wedding dress via car, the best way to keep it wrinkle-free is to hang it on a hook on the inside roof of your car and drape the garment bag over the back of the seat. That was it lays flat to avoid any creases and folds. If your car is packed to the brim with luggage and there’s no room to hang and drape your wedding dress, gently lay your dress on top of the luggage in the trunk. Just make sure nothing else is put on top of your dress, that’s just asking for rips and wrinkles!

Tip #4 – When traveling on a plane, the biggest rule is to NEVER check your wedding dress! We have all heard stories of things being lost or stolen, so here are 3 options when traveling with a wedding dress.

Option 1: Your dress can be your carry on item. Some airlines have a closet that they’ll allow you to hang your dress in, but if not, make sure your dress goes on top of all carry-ons in the overhead storage bin. Option 2: Pack your dress in your suitcase. Just be sure to layer tissue paper or soft clothing between and around your dress to avoid wrinkling and tearing. Some creasing is expected, so be sure to call ahead and have someone there to steam your dress for you. Option 3: This might sound a little silly, but it’s been done before; buy your wedding dress its own plane ticket. This way, you are guaranteed to be relaxed and worry-free with your dress sitting beside you as your travel buddy.

Tip #5 – Once you arrive to your final destination, unpack your dress as soon as possible! A good rule of thumb is to let your dress hang and ‘fall’ for at least 24 hours prior to putting it on. This helps the dress fall back to its original shape and gets rid of some wrinkles. Be sure to keep that steamer handy, because the creases won’t all naturally ‘fall’ out.

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