What to include in your Wedding Welcome Bags?

Not sure exactly what to put in your guests wedding welcome bag? Let me help you out – wedding welcome bags are one of my favorite things to create and put together for our brides and grooms! To some it might seem like a daunting task, but for me I get gratification when I hear guests talking about how thoughtful and personal their welcome bags were. I know you’ve heard this before, but it really is all in the details. What you decide to put into your bag depends on who you are as a couple. Some welcome bags are geared more towards the healthier snack and drink options, while some are geared towards exploring the wedding destination, and some geared towards showcasing a couple’s wedding colors. I cannot tell you exactly what should or should not go into your welcome bag, unless you’re a client of mine, then of course that is top priority J! But I can offer you my list of what I consider to be the “8 Essential Items for your Guest Welcome Bag”:

  1. You need a vessel for all of the goodies
  2. Beverage(s)
  3. Snack(s)
  4. Itinerary outlining the wedding weekend details
    1. Don’t forget to include a contact number if any guests should have questions about the itinerary. I always recommend listing the wedding planner’s cell…there could be a lot of questions to field, and that is the last thing you/your family will want to be dealing with the weekend of your wedding. Trust me, that’s what we’re here for!
  5. Local map with hotel, rehearsal dinner, church and reception locations.
  6. Local souvenir(s)
  7. Hangover helper(s)/weather-proof essential(s)
  8. Personal note

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