Your “Big Day” Is Over – Now What??

After a couple heads home from their honeymoon they often find they are at a loss for what to do next – your big day is over, now what?! The wedding planning and honeymoon were all very structured and time consuming – and now the new couple has all the time in the world to relax, get to know one another better, and focus on what kind of marriage they want to build together.

Below are five tips on how to grow the best marriage possible:

Always make time for date night – this can be the new “big day”

big day

Once you begin having kids, working more hours, fixing up your house, and everything else that comes along with marriage, you will find that you have less and less time for one another. Be sure to schedule a date night once a week, and turn off your cell phone! Give your full attention to your partner, they deserve it. Struggling to think of new fun date night ideas, click HERE for a great list of them!

Do like your mama taught you and always mind your P’s and Q’s.

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Just because you’re close with your partner doesn’t mean you have to slack on manners. Remembering to say “please” and “thank you” when your husband or wife does something for you will always take you far and will keep both of you happy.

Cuddle every night, kiss every day, and never stop flirting.

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It’s important to make the marriage seem fresh and new, even when it isn’t. Cuddling every night will help you both to remain close and continue to share a strong bond, kissing every day will ensure the same, and flirting throughout the course of your relationship will take you back to those first few months of dating when everything was exciting and new.

Live in the present and celebrate the small things.

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Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in “how things used to be” or become too focused on what the future should look like. Make sure to remain as mindful as possible and really love what your present relationship looks like. Always celebrate the small things, every day, so you can reinforce the importance of the here and now. Kids didn’t fuss over bath time tonight? Have an extra glass of wine after dinner.

While it’s important to maintain a life outside of the relationship, it’s also important to have shared hobbies.

big day is over

Many successful couples who stay married “until death do us part” follow this model. They have a girls night every week, or they join a bowling league, but they also have an activity they love to do together. Whether it’s cooking, gardening, hiking, dancing, or anything in between – make sure you and your spouse find a few activities you’ll always love doing together. It will only make your love for one another grow stronger.

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