Enjoy Your Own Party! | Tips from Z Event Company

A few tips from Z Event Company to ensure that you can enjoy your own party!

What could be better than being a guest at your own party. After spending countless hours and endless money you find yourself exhausted and unable to visit with your guests at your own party. You are busy preparing food and drinks the entire time and feel like the “hired help”. What is wrong with this picture?  Now imagine this, you get your home in order, prepare a guest list, send out invitations, call the caterer and voila your planning is on its way. Did you know that sometimes it can be less expensive to hire a caterer than to shop and cook yourself? Find a local caterer or even a grocery that caters and ask them to put a menu together for you based on the event you are planning. Ask them how many staff members you will need to make sure you don’t have to do much work. Doesn’t this sound like more fun?

When cooking yourself, you often end up with a lot of waste. A caterer is an expert on how much food to prepare for the amount of guests you are having. They will usually charge per/head and you can customize your menu to fit your budget. Definitely consider trying this for your next affair!

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