Z Event Company | Honoring the “Power of Women”

This past Friday, Z Event Company produced a fundraiser for The American Red Cross of Southeast Louisiana to honor eight outstanding women in conjuction with the 10 Years, 10 Events marking the 10th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. These women were honored for their significant contributions to the ongoing recovery efforts of New Orleans and Louisiana at a luncheon attended by 1,400 enthusiastic guests.

The theme was “Honoring the Power of Women”, so that is exactly what we did! To jazz up our event, we hired the Rebirth Brass Band to lead our guest speaker in from the VIP “Meet and Greet” in an impromto second-line parade. Being New Orleanians, no one had to be told to pick up the hankerchief draped across the back of each chair,  twirl it in the air, and join in the festivities. As guests were seated, our own Archie Manning set things in motion as he introduced our euphoric guest speaker, the one and only Hoda Kotb. With that  pass completed, Hoda , co-host of the fourth hour of NBC’s “Today Show” ran with it. The love for her adopted hometown of New Orleans oozed from every word she spoke and her stories, experiences, and memories become ours as well. She touched the spot in all our hearts that we call home.

As dessert was served, and eight remarkable women honored, the celebration was now complete. The American Red Cross and the “Power of Women” luncheon was one for the books, a touchdown for sure!

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